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The instant poll question is really two questions, depending on the object group. For consumers, the brand should be a positive, at least for those who experienced the store. The new holding company can expect strong doubt, which translates into tough terms and conditions.

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Many suppliers have been burned big time. A web-only business has a shot, but there are some obstacles to consider: Does LNT have the financing to support the depth of inventory needed for a SKU-intensive business? Does it have the marketing muscle to overcome perceptions that it is a dead company, and to drive searches?

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I have to disagree with Richard. The LNT name has recognition and value. My concern about the online store is that there is so much competition already in the marketplace that it may face the same fate as its brick and mortar stores. What differentiates LNT from Amazon, an online brand that consumers trust? It is going to take much more than the LNT name to succeed. No one has claimed home goods online as yet—though Target does a nice job—and the opportunity is there for LNT, if done right.

The cost of the site is low. It still has great name recognition. With a little smart marketing and some great customer service, they have a better chance at surviving and prospering than most retail ventures out there. Too soon. Shoppers will believe they can use gift cards not previously honored in the stores.

Suppliers will be shy, especially given the recent circumstances and the current economy.

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The key is developing a compelling offering, starting with unique product. Obviously it takes a lot to be successful as an online retailer but as to the narrow question of the value of the LNT brand, I agree that it retains significant equity in the customers mind. Control your future and make rational and smart decisions.

A new journey will begin for all of us. I will go out with my head held high, with pride in the job that I did and will continue until I lock the door for the last time. Well, it is offical. No other bidders stepped up to the plate to buy us, so we are going out of business.

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The rumor is at the home office, only will be getting a severence package, all the rest nada. There is something seriously disturbing about someone who would prop up a chair in December to watch a building get torn down and knowing what that represents for thousands of associates. I bet your a miserable person who takes satisfaction in seeing others in dispair…….. I have one too. I feel very upset that LNT is being liquidated. My heart goes out to all the people who will lose their jobs in the states and canada.

I believe the U. S has too many retailers catering the same merchandise. However, I made amazing friends there and will cherish my time that I worked there.

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Feels good doesnt it Bobby D!!! Now he can sit at home and play mafia action figures all by himself.. I love this store, and will greatly miss it. I would like to state that noone WINS in a situation like this. As a member of BBB management, I would like to apologize for the words of my fellow coworker.

I would have liked to see LNT turn things around because competition in the market place is always necessary. While I am not worried about the future of BBBY because we are a debt free company, I am worried about the future of all those who lost their jobs. I have worked for a company that has closed it doors in the past, and it is nothing to rejoice about. Good luck. I worked at Sharper Image for 5 years.

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My employees were also my family. Bad ideas and too high salary for corp officers are to blame.

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I stayed to the bitter end until the final day when I had to hand my keys to the liquidators. It hurt bad. Home Textiles Today provides industry news, product trends and introductions, exclusive industry research, consumer data, store operations solutions, trade show news and much more. Industry News. Editors' Picks. Iconix across-the-board revenue declines meet plan.

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