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Ting vs. Republic Wireless: Comparison Details

While similar to other prepaid phone providers like Cricket Wireless and Boost Mobile, Republic Wireless keeps its staff low and offers a smaller number of phones to keep costs down. The company originally sold Motorola and LG phones before shifting to the Moto line of phones. These phones are highly competitive with those from other major manufacturers like Apple and Samsung. Customers are happy with both of these phones.

If you are a new customer who never used the Republic Wireless services or purchased a phone from the site before, you can view some great information on the site. When you purchase a plan, you receive a set amount of data that you can use for making calls and surfing the web. If you do not use the total amount of data included in your package, you'll get a refund on your next bill. Republic Wireless wants to help its customers save on mobile phone plans. Get a better idea of how this works in Republic Refund Plans. This official Republic Wireless video shows you exactly how the refund plan works and gives you an idea of how much you might save every month.

Watching this video might make you want to quit your current provider as soon as possible. Republic Wireless is unique because the company offers just two phones and only four plans. Though all plans come with unlimited text and talk, each plan features a different amount of Internet usage. Unlike other companies that have a standalone network or use the towers belonging to multiple providers, Republic Wireless use a combination of Internet and cell phone networks.

Though the phone you buy may use the Sprint network when making calls, it will search for a wireless signal first. Once it locates that signal, it lets you quickly make or receive a phone call, send text messages and use the Internet. As Sprint has towers all across the country, you'll always have complete access to your phone, even if it can't find a wireless signal.

Republic Wireless also makes it easy for you to change from your current provider. Click on the Number Check, which you'll find in the Learn area of the site. Enter your current phone number in the box and click on the bright blue button to see if your number is available.

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When you buy a phone, the company will automatically assign you a number based on your current address. After you receive the phone, you can call the company and speak with a representative who will help you transfer your old number. Republic Wireless makes it easy for you to buy a new phone and bring your old number. Republic Wireless on Facebook : Are you looking for ways to save on your phone bill?

Check Republic Wireless on Facebook to find tips for saving on phone bills and much more. You can also check some of the newest phones that you can buy directly from the company that help you stay connected. Republic Wireless on Twitter : Find out more about the great deals and savings you can get from Republic Wireless on Twitter.

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You'll learn how the company will give you money back for not using all your date and get access to new phone details too. Republic Wireless on Instagram : When you want to see images of the hottest new phones, check Instagram. Is it a big problem? Due to the fact that they route everything over WiFi as a first priority, as long as you have access to WiFi you should be fine. All you have to do is tap the button. However, they do have a well thought out ticket based online support system. That said, they do have an awesome selection of Android-based phones to choose from.

Check out their full lineup of phones here. The biggest worry my wife had about switching was keeping her phone number. Luckily, in almost every case you can port or take your old cell phone number to Republic Wireless. The setup is pretty simple and they have step by step instructions for you to follow. Just make sure to follow the rules. In order to get the money back guarantee, you must contact the company within 14 days of delivery of your phone. You must be able to return the phone in an undamaged condition AND with all of the original packaging.

You can only return accessories if they are unopened and undamaged. Make sure to check out the Republic Wireless website for full details.

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Republic Wireless is a great way to save a ton of money on your cell phone service. The WiFi calling technology is pretty awesome. How cool is that?! Ready to try out the service and support this site at the same time? Sign up through this affiliate link for Republic Wireless! That said, you will still be able to do all three wherever you have access to WiFi thanks to their awesome WiFi calling technology.

Just set your phone to airplane mode and turn on WiFi to get started. Any phone you can currently buy directly from their online store will come to you unlocked and can be used on any cell phone service provider that uses the same technology GSM or CDMA that the phone uses. If you hate the service but love your new phone, simply exercise the day service guarantee to get a refund for your service and take your new phone to a new carrier.

If you hate the phone, too, you can use the day phone guarantee to get a refund for your phone as well as noted above. Thankfully, Republic Wireless does not charge an activation fee at this time. This is one of the great things about this service. Once you use your GB of data, your phone no longer has access to data and you will not be billed for another GB of data. You have complete control. From time to time Republic Wireless will run special prices on their phones or free shipping on purchases.

However, once in a blue moon Republic Wireless will offer redemption codes for even better deals. Do you have Republic Wireless? If not, are you considering switching? Have any questions that we can test out for you? Let me know in the comments or contact me!

Republic Wireless Review Of Their Plans And Their Prices

I worked very hard on this review to help you decide if Republic Wireless is a good fit for you or not to help you save money. There are affiliate links within this post that will pay me a small commission if you sign up through them. It is the same price for you either way, but I thank you in advance if you sign up through one of my links. This review is my opinion only and was most recently updated and accurate to the best of my knowledge as of May 15th, He is a personal finance and credit expert that professionally writes for many personal finance publications including U.

He's the founder of Money Manifesto and has been writing about money as well as helping people solve their money problems since You can read more about him here or connect with him on Facebook , Twitter or Pinterest. I have been a happy Republic Wireless customer for about the same period of time, since , and I continue to enjoy their service, but I would offer 2 gentle cautions or maybe explanations to prospective customers: 1.

The handover process was very awkward and confusing until we finally brought Republic into the process. Dumping Republic will basically become a full-time job for a few days without their help. If you will be receiving a lot of incoming calls on your Republic phone while using a corporate WiFi guest WiFi or whatever WiFi your employer makes available for personal use , you need to find out in advance if they have a firewall or proxy or blocked router port that can restrict the voice service.

Calling out may work great, but extra-secure WiFi systems have trouble accepting the apparently exotic inbound signal of a voice-over-WiFi call. Good luck getting a straight answer out of your IT department, my help desk never bothered to call me back since it was a personal phone. They usually hang up or leave voicemail.

Data, texts and most outbound calls work fine in all this, though. Your review mentions that it only connects to wi-fi if it is a password free network, or if you know the password. How does the phone handle getting onto the wi-fi? The other puzzling part is that why would they be charging for data on wi-fi since in essence, its using your wi-fi at home on your network which you already pay for from your internet provider and when at free wi-fi spots, its free for the customers to use…… so why charge for data?

I can use my tablet for free at such places. Unless you are saying that you can use data from their cell phone service? That I can understand charging data for, because they are providing you with the ability to download or surf using Sprint or Tbombile network. Please help me understand better. Sorry for any confusion. Your phone will obviously connect to WiFi if you enter the password to enter a password protected network or if you accept the terms on the splash page of a public WiFi system. Just like any other phone, once you enter a WiFi password, it will remember it and log you on the network with no problems unless the WiFi password changes or you tell your phone to forget the WiFi network.

Basically, it works like any other phone. The data comes from Sprint or T-Mobile towers depending on which device and sim card you have. Does that help? Of course it does depend on the kind of phone you have as well.

Ting vs Republic Wireless: Side-by-Side Comparison

Thanks for the question. My wife and I have happily used Republic Wireless for years. This allows me to keep my standard cell bill lower but have the ability to add more data inexpensively when I need it. They only use the US based towers. If you have access to WiFi overseas, you can use WiFi to make free calls and texts. However, if you need cell service not WiFi overseas, stick with T-Mobile.

I worried about this with my daughter going oiut of the country for 5 months, but we both just loaded the WhatsApp app on our Republic Wireless phones and voila. We could text and call over wifi and it was all free! I love Republic Wireless RW. Want to feel like a valued customer, rather than a unloved number? Make the switch today!

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My family has used Republic Wireless since Traveling abroad has been easy with Republic Wireless with no extra fees for texting or phone calls. Nice article. I tested you out by starting a chat asking a few questions that I had to mainly test the online only customer support.

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I had to enter my email personally I hate that and wait on a awkward screen for about 5 minutes but a very nice rep popped up and was polite and very helpful. I cant say for sure but I would say I am comfortable dealing with more important issues in the same manner. I did actually like NOThaving to talk to someone.

This works for me as long as it is not a very complicated issue. She also comfirmed for me that they do not lock in phone that you bring over as I heard some competitors will do such a thing for up to a year.

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