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Well, one of my favorite mentors, Dr. For me to write authentically, and to liberate my soul, I am going to start getting a little vulnerable. I am going to start sharing with you the good, the bad and even some of the messy things about me. This is … [Read more It's that time of year again for the Tapping World Summit! Some of you may be wondering what the heck is the Tapping World Summit.

You know it well: the tightness, the dull ache, hunched up shoulders, decreased mobility in your neck.

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There is no massage therapist required! So often, tension … [Read more Being a Practitioner Candidate by having your complete application on file with us. Six months after your 4 day Professional workshop and after getting a good start working with your mentor on sessions and cases. Research shows that the modular nature of the training, with each module building on the skills learned in the previous module, results in through understanding of how to practice EFT.

The classes also include exercises to build your skill and confidence. The 2 Day Practice Intensive Workshop happens at least 6 months after one has taken the 4 Professional workshop and after the one has become a Practitioner Candidate by sending in their application. The candidate will have already begun working on sessions and cases that are being reviewed by the mentor. This is achieved through demonstrations, role play and drills, that focus on developing competence and confidence with important EFT techniques. Q: Why are there some workshops listed for 5 nights and 5 days?

They also have supplemental programs being offered. These include yoga, meditation and massage, plus outdoor trails for leisure walking or hiking. There are more breaks throughout the day at these locations to enjoy the amenities and relax. The workshops start Sunday night for an orientation and a shared meal, plus it helps everyone be on time to the early morning workshops. The workshops end on Friday afternoon.

Are these available? A: No. Twenty years of teaching EFT have shown that live, in-person attendance is essential to learning the effective use of EFT. We have several excellent online courses on topics such as relationships, peak performance and weight loss, but these are designed for personal growth and are not offered as part of the training and certification process.

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Completion of the 4 Professional Workshop plus the 2 day Practice Intensive Workshop is required for certification. There are a number of other requirements which you can find here.

Tapping World Summit

A: Yes. You can find full information about credits here. Q: Can taking an EFT workshop take the place of mental health care or medical care?

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  6. While workshop participants may feel a release of stress due to the benefits of EFT, these workshops are designed as learning experiences training participants to get the most out of EFT. We recommend you work on minor emotional issues during the workshops rather than major ones that can distract you from the learning process. Workshops are intended for learning EFT and are not intended as therapy or treatment or as a replacement for therapy or treatment.


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    If you are suffering from a medical or psychological diagnosis, we recommend that you remain under the care of your primary care provider and seek their advice before attending EFT or any other personal growth workshop. Can I substitute this experience for: the 1-Day Introductory Workshop, the 4-Day Professional workshop or the 2 Day Practice Intensive, instead of meeting the prerequisites?

    A: While these other sources can give you valuable experience of EFT, they are not substitute for a live workshop. Do these workshops count toward certification? There are hundreds of workshops offered each year by a wide variety of practitioners and trainers. They differ widely in quality and content. One of the 7 "essential" Division 12 criteria is that the method be described in a written manual.

    The first edition of The EFT Manual appeared online in , with a print edition in and the current edition in The manual is supplemented by an extensive collection of case histories and commentary found on this site. Some 48 distinct techniques are described in this body of knowledge. Q: Why is the research important?

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    This research has demonstrated that Clinical EFT works quickly and effectively for phobias, PTSD, anxiety, depression, pain, and many other conditions. A current bibliography of this research is maintained at EFT Universe, as well as a full description of the APA standards for evidence-based methods. Q: I have a question not covered above. Click here for a listing of our 2 Day Practice Intensive Workshops. Frequently Asked Questions.

    Can anyone take the training or is it only for professionals? In this article we will try to understand in details one of the core mechanics of any 3D engine, the chain of matrix transformations that allows to represent a 3D object on a 2D monitor. We will try to enter into the details of how the matrices are constructed and why, so this article is not meant for absolute beginners. The view matrix on the other hand is used to transform vertices from worldspace to viewspace. This matrix is usually concatenated together with the objects world matrix and the projection matrix so that vertices can be transformed from objectspace directly to clipspace in the vertex program.

    World view projection matrix direct3d free Direct3D can use the wcomponent of a vertex that has been transformed by the world, view, and projection matrices to perform depthbased calculations in depthbuffer or fog effects.

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